CharlotteWelcome to The Flex Belt Site – I’m Charlotte. For a while now, I’ve been looking at ways to tone up without forcing myself into becoming a gym junkie! The great news is I’ve discovered there is a better way to tone up your abs.  … After seeing some amazing results,  I decided to start up this site to educate busy people on what honest results they can expect from using an ab belt at home. Also I cover which ab belt is best for you and where to get them at the cheapest prices.

My Electric Ab Belt Review

I’m going to progressively research and then write up a review of different electric ab belts. You are one of 60,000+ people every month looking for good information on ab belts and you’ve come to the right place.  Plus I talk about how to get them at the cheapest price and with a money back guarantee at the same time.

Where To Buy (Discounts, Special Offers and More)

Finding an electric abdominal belt at the cheapest price takes time; and there’s always the doubt as to how honest the people promoting the product are.  It is a bit of an industry secret, but the official suppliers continually make available discounts that can save you real dollars. What I do is to keep an eye out for these discounts through my contacts that the suppliers60 Day Money Back Guarantee DON’T make available to everyone.  Like below….

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WARNING. For your own peace of mind, I recommend you only buy from the Official Supplier’s website. Buying from anywhere else is a bad idea as you may not get the 60 day money back guarantee. or worse you could get a clone product that does not work and you could be left with no recourse against the seller.

Do Ab Belts Work?

by Charlotte

Electric Ab Belts Are Absolutely The Easiest Way For You to Get Toned Abs – True or False?

Do ab belts work? This question has hung around since the belts were developed in the 1970s.

Do Ab Belts WorkThe secret once thought to give Russia a powerful presence at numerous Olympic Games has now found its way into commercial ab belts over recent years.
Today, they are touted as wonder-inducing belts that can help you get rid of stomach fat and give you a toned tummy in no time at all. Here are just a few facts to consider before spending the big bucks on one of these belts.

Perhaps you are wondering just how ab belts work. While there are several variations and several styles used, the basic premise is the same. Basically, electrical current (a mild voltage) is sent through the belt, through gel padding on the underside of the belt, and to your abdominal muscles. This bit of electrical current stimulates those muscles to contract and release, working them nearly constantly. The belts can usually be worn for almost any activity, including simply watching television. [click to continue…]

What Everyone Ought to Know About Online Fitness Coaches And How You Can Get Yourself A Certified Online Fitness Coach For A Ridiculously Low 63 Cents A Day!

Fitness CoachOne of the easiest ways of how to get toned abs is using an electric abdomen belt. If you want to get toned all over and you want results quickly and easily other than just flat abs, an online fitness coach can be a great investment at a ridiculously low price. Personal trainers are highly recommended but not everyone can afford one. Group classes are another option, if you can find one at a convenient time and location that does not clash with all the other obligations in your life. We believe the best and cheapest solution is finding your very own certified online fitness coach.
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How To Get Toned Abs

by Charlotte

How You Can Lose Your Stubborn Belly Fat And Get Ripped Six Pack Abs Quickly and Easily!

How to Get Toned Abs Mike Chang says “Almost anybody can lose it!” And so do I. Let’s face it, toned abs go a long way to making us look sexier.  This post is just full of top information on ways to help you look great this summer!

  1. An introduction to The Flex Belt an electronic abs toning belt that’s so simple to use and yet so effective you can only wish you had found it earlier (goodbye mindless situps and crunches). Check out the Lisa Rinna video below if you need more evidence.
  2. Some simple, safe and effective dietary supplements to kick-start you on your way towards great looking abs (effectively eat your way to a great looking body).
  3. A fantastic e-Book packed with 180 pages of secrets that explodes the myths about getting ripped abs (blows the BS merchants out the water).
  4. Some ab machines that may just help you.

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If You Read Nothing Else – Read This About The Flex Belt Scam

Flex Belt Scam Since this site is all about ab belts, and in particular The Flex Belt, I thought it was time to take a closer look at The Flex Belt Scam. Some claims against The Flex Belt are that there are disgruntled users, the flex belt doesn’t work and that clients have no recourse after purchase.

So What are the Facts?

  • Fact #1: A study carried out by the White House Office of Consumer Affairs in the United States discovered that each disappointed customer will share their complaint with at the least nine other people, and that 13 percent of upset customers will tell twenty people or more. Regrettably, completely happy customers tell only half as many individuals (five other people, typically) of their positive encounter. So the negatives outnumber the positives in any forum by at least two to one. Yes dear gentle readers, you are going to find many more negative comments no matter how good the product.
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It’s Crazy That A Frustrated Housewife Can Get Toned Abs Whilst Watching TV and Doing the Housework

Welcome to TheFlexBeltSite – I’m Charlotte.  If you are wondering is there an  abdominal toning belt that works or is it all hype, you’re in the right place. Like lots of people I hate spam and I have asked this question myself.  I have bought lots of weight loss gadgets before and wasted money and got no results at all.  So being the boffin that I am I researched  Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS),  the technology behind the  abdominal toning belt which has come ahead in leaps and bounds in the last 40 years. An Electric abdominal toning belt will stimulate the difficult to train muscle tissue deep inside your abs.

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What Would Your Rather Do This Evening: Watch TV And Tone Your Abs At the Same Time Or Just Watch TV?

If you are wondering whether or not an abdomen belt will work for you and you want an honest review you have come to the right place.

An Electrical abdomen belt uses muscle stimulation technology to train abdominal muscles.   An Electrical abdomen belt works by sending signals to the abdominal muscles to contract and relax.   Electrodes and gel pads are attached to the abdominal area, and placement coincides with the muscle neurons.  The hand-held controller is used to increase or decrease the intensity of the stimulation delivered to the muscle.  With the Flex Belt you can select from 1 to 150.  They suggest starting small and working your way up.  [click to continue…]

Ab belts that work

by Charlotte

Stop Dreaming And Start Getting Toned Abs With The Flex Belt

If you are wondering are there really any ab belts that work, or is it all hype, you’re in the right place. Like lots of people I could be happier with my body and I have asked this question myself.  So I did some research on Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS),  the technology behind ab belts that work. Originally Electronic Muscle Stimulation was developed to help coma patients not lose all their muscle tissue.  On a bad day I have the energy level of a coma patient – so I figured I was heading in the right direction.  In the last 40 years this technology has come a long way.

Cosmopolitan Magazine conducted a 4 week trial where they invited their readers to test drive the Flex Belt.  The results

  • 100% said it works
  • 96% said they would continue to use the Flex Belt
  • 81% reported firmer stomach muscles in just four weeks
  • Give it a go – If you don’t get results within 8 weeks send it back for a refund.  If you are looking for ab belts that works nothing beats the FDA approved Flex Belt. [click to continue…]

    Ab Belt Reviews

    by Charlotte

    The Ugly Truth About Ab Belts

    Did you know that 77% of smart buyers research a product online before buying it. As a smart buyer doing their due diligence, I hope you find the following helpful in making the right decision. I have taken some time to review The Flex Belt, the Contour Abs Belt, THe SportElec Shape’n'Tone and the Sledertone Flex Belts. To make things easier for you, I’ve summarized the information I’ve pulled together into a table.

    Ab Belt FDA Cleared Price $USD Money Back Guarantee Rating
    Gel Pads Bonus
    Flex Belt
    3 $100 worth of bonuses Yes $199.99 60 Days
    Contour Abs Belt 4 No Yes $199.80 30 Days
    SportElec Shape’n’Tone . 1 Month Supply No Yes $150.00 no
    Slendertone Flex 3 No Yes $150.00 not anymore

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    Ab Belt Review

    by Charlotte

    By This Time Next Month You Could Be Well On Your Way To Flat Abs

    John Porcari, PhD, a Professor of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Wisconsin attests to the fact that the Flex Belt shows results since it deals with the three groups of muscles on the abdomen, the side and the midsection. Read More